Coaching and Training Plans

I want to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to train for your first 5k, achieve a marathon PR, get lean and strong, crush an ultramarathon, or simply drop a few pounds and lead a healthier, happier life, I want to help. I want to help you live and achieve at your highest potential.

I can offer:

Customized training plans 
You pick your personal goals or races, and I'll work with you to build a custom training plan to get you there, tailored to fit your schedule and life's demands. Sure, you can find cheap or free training plans all over the web, but frankly, most of them are generic crap. They might get you to the finish line- or maybe you'll over-train or get injured- but they are certainly not helping you to be your best. I'll help you take the guess work out of it all, and save you the precious time wasted on trying to make a one-size-fits-all plan actually fit to you.

We will schedule weekly phone calls, and you will have unlimited email contact. You've got questions or problems- let's hear them. You want to share your stoke from nailing the last workout? Heck yes. If life gets in the way, we can adjust your training plan on the fly- no big deal. We'll tailor your training each week around life's demands, your health, fitness, and progress, with individualized paces for each workout. I'm there to explain the principals and reasoning behind the workouts. If you know the purpose and goal, you can better nail that next run and take yourself to the next level.

As added bonuses along the way, I'm happy to share:
  • Dietary and nutritional recommendations. I'm also happy to provide advice for nutritional supplements to support your training.
  • Lifestyle recommendations- little, everyday changes to help make a healthier you.  I'll share tidbits that I've learned over the years to get fit despite the pressures and demands of busy schedules and home lives.
Why get a coach?
I believe there are three main benefits to having a coach:

1) Accountability
A major benefit of having a coach is having an outside party to be accountable to in your training. I know as well as anyone that the hardest part of the workout is often just starting it. Having someone else that is invested and involved in your training is a great motivator, especially someone who is encouraging, supportive, and excited about your goals.

2) Method and purpose to the madness
Many of us, from those just starting out, to veterans of the sport, get stuck in routines that often lack a real purpose. We'll go out for that same jog day after day, because we feel like we should. I'll help you break that cycle. Every run or workout should have a purpose, it should be a step toward achieving a desired outcome or goal. It is difficult and time-consuming to meticulously craft your own training plan with such a goal-oriented strategy. I'll help save you time, and take some of the guess work out of your training, and make more efficient and effective use of the time you spend training.

3) Expert sounding board
When you have questions or concerns, a coach provides an immediate, expert sounding board. Honestly, with enough time, searching, and reading, you could eventually answer almost all of your own questions. Why does this obscure little muscle hurt after my run? How do I eat better to support my running while losing weight? I devote large portions of my day to answering these types of questions so you don't have to. I'm a quick-turnaround resource for you, and if I don't have the answer right away, I'll do my best to find that answer, or guide you to someone who can.

But who the hell do you think you are?!

I don't have any certifications in personal training, coaching, or nutrition.
I do have a strong background in science and research, a B.S. in Biology, and an M.S. in Environmental Sciences and Policy. From this I bring a strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and the ability to read, interpret, and implement primary scientific research.
I do have a long background in endurance sports, and a lifelong interest and passion for health and fitness. I played soccer most of my young life, and slowly transitioned into long-distance running. I'm also an avid cyclist and mountaineer. I have read extensively on training principles and strategies, dietary and nutritional supplement effects on health and performance, human physiology, and related scientific literature. I study the pros, and their coaches. This is what I nerd out on, it's what I do in my free time, it's what I read at breakfast in the morning and in bed at night. And as an athlete myself, I practice what I preach. I've learned by injury, bonks, drops, and by successes, summits, and continued improvement, and I've learned from others who have been at it a lot longer than I. I want to share my experiences with you, so that you can skip my mistakes and move straight to success. There will always be bumps along the way, but we can work through those together.

I know this isn't free! 
Training Plan Rates and Information
Upon receiving payment for the plan I will send you an Athlete Questionnaire, and we will arrange a consultation time to talk through your goals, schedule, time restrictions, and how to best fit a training plan to your life. I'll have your individualized, meticulously-built training plan in your inbox usually within a week of our conversation, but certainly no more than 2 weeks. If you have questions or concerns before committing to a plan, please contact me using the contact form in the sidebar or email me directly at

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Training Plan Duration
Goal Race Length
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NOTE: The 12 week ultramarathon or marathon plan is intended as a "finishing plan," and assumes you have been running consistently and purposefully for a while already. It is intended for people that are looking for some help in sharpening up and peaking for a race for which they have already been training. It is NOT intended as a couch to 50 miler program.

I am also happy to do custom plans for other types of events and goals. 

Personal Coaching Rates

With Personal Coaching you will receive: bi-weekly training plans customized to fit your schedule, fitness, and progress, unlimited email correspondence, and a weekly check-in phone call. When you sign up I'll send you an Athlete Questionnaire and we will arrange time for an initial consultation phone call. I would love to work with you!

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If the options above don't quite fit your needsplease contact me by the Contact Form in the left sidebar, or send me an email directly ( and we can discuss other options.

Why am I doing this?

I'm passionate about endurance sports. It gets me excited. It inspires me. I want to share it with everyone.

I find a deep gratification in helping others.

I get excited about other people's goals, no matter how small or audacious they might be. Let's get stoked!

Helping others achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding

I want people to eat better, be more active, and be healthier. Because I care about people, and we have some serious challenges and national health issues to address. The first challenge is wanting better for yourself, but once you have the desire to improve, there is a big gap in the planning and implementation to achieve the goal. I want to help bridge that gap.

It is inherently awesome to see people work hard, and reap the very real benefits of that dedication.

I simply love and enjoy it. If I can make a little bit of money to support my time spent helping others, that sounds like my version of the American dream.