Challenge for Charities 1/2 Marathon Training Plan


Below you will find a training plan made specifically for those looking to enter the Lander Challenge for Charities half marathon on the 4th of July. If you haven't spent Independence Day in Lander before (you really should, it is celebrated here like nowhere else), this race is a great excuse for a visit! [You can register here for the race]

I met with the race organizers a while ago, and volunteered that I would create this training plan because:
1) We want to see more beginners and first-timers try the half marathon,
2) It is an awesome event and I wanted to support it in whatever way I can, and
3) The races are a huge benefit to local groups and nonprofits that do great work in our community.

So with all that said, I wrote up a training plan that is intended for someone to enter this half marathon as their first, or for those who are looking to return to running longer distances after perhaps an extended break from running. It is my hope that entering this plan, the runner has already been running and/or engaging in other athletic pursuits at least 2-3 times per week for at least a few weeks leading up to starting the plan.

Please feel free to share the plan and training guidelines below, links, etc., with anyone you think might use it. I hope that it helps make the 1/2 marathon seem less daunting, and let's you have more fun with it! Remember to enjoy the journey.

I would love to hear any feedback you have from using the plan and training principles- please feel free to leave comments in the form below, or email me directly!

All the best,


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