About Me

My name is Evan Reimondo. I am an avid trail and ultra runner, cyclist, climber, and mountaineer who revels in the beauty, adventure, and solitude of Western landscapes. From craggy summits and alpine meadows to deep desert canyons and everywhere in between, it is the freedom to explore that inspires me.

I strive to live simply, close to the earth and in an environmentally-conscious manner. I tend toward practicing what I preach.

In recent years, trail and ultra running has been my most significant athletic pursuit. The act of running, and doing so on trail (or off trail!) is freeing and refreshing. It was the long runs, on trail, that really drew me into running, and that keep me excited and interested in running. It is all about the adventure and exploration for me. I'll crank out the weekday in-town runs, sometimes begrudgingly, sometimes not, because it gives me the ability to go greater distances, see more country, and to do so more quickly and efficiently. 

Racing appeals to my competitive side, but the community of ultra runners is really what keeps me showing up at races- even if I'm not racing in them myself. I found a true sense of community in Flagstaff, AZ, and it was that support, encouragement, and camaraderie that inspired me to pursue running more fully.

CONTACT EVAN at evanr.28(at)gmail.com


  1. so what's the possibility of me coming out, and you teaching me how to do nordic skiing... I'm not really sure what that is, but i am intrigued

    1. 100% with a chance of meatballs. Or something. It's the fancy term for cross country skiing- c'mon out and try it!