Friday, January 30, 2015


Welcome back!

That's mostly directed to myself. 

I haven't actually posted a new entry here since the day before the 2014 Bighorn 100! That's not to say I have written anything, but I haven't finished anything that I thought worth sharing. Yet.

This post is (relatively) short. It is only to say that I'm making some changes here for 2015 and beyond. 

For one, I bought this fancy new domain proper-like ( Bam. And rather than purely writing about my experiences, I want my posts to be useful, insightful, and informative. To do that, I'll reference perspectives from the writings and voices of experts, top professionals, and people generally more interesting and informed than myself.

And I want to write more. More frequently, and more substantively.

The focus, in its most fundamental form, will be living the best life we can live. 

...whoa. Big task there, Reimondo. 

Living the best life can mean a lot of things. For many of us, the mind most immediately goes to grand tropical vacations, plush mansions, and 100 dollar bills floating through the air (or some variation thereof). A lot of those instinctual wants often are an impulsive, "anywhere but here" reaction to discontentment with pieces of our real, current, daily lives.

What are our daily lives, but some combination of circumstance and choices? (And is circumstance just the manifestation of our own choices over time?) 

Choices. We choose not only what we fill our lives with, but at the very foundation, perception is also a choice. How we perceive the world around us, and the things that affect us, is a choice we can make. These are choices, should we decide to be truly aware of our perceptions and their origins. 

I want to choose to be content, wherever I am, whatever I am doing. 

Simple enough to write down, no?

I know certain things make me feel happy and fulfilled. Time spent with good friends and family. Freedom- to do whatever the hell I want. Adventures, big and small. Running (on trails) (mountains preferred) (deserts, hills, forests, canyons, and prairies aren't too bad either).

So I suppose that is the plan. I'm going to write about my efforts to:

1) Find contentment in everyday life
2) Spend more and better time with good friends and family
3) Be free, damnit
4) Find adventure everywhere, anytime I want it
5) Run (scramble, climb, wander) outside (mostly mountains)
6) Share random, somewhat-related experiences that come along as a byproduct of #1-5.

I'm going to do my best to practice what I preach. I mean that in the most literal sense. It is all practice. I'm going to borrow from James Clear's writing on the aggregation of marginal gains and insist that small changes, and their everyday, intentional practice can make enormous differences in our lives.

I hope that any insights I might blunder into along these explorations will hold some value to others.

As these posts come down the line and if you appreciate their content or writing, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it. Email it to a friend, post it on social media, snailmail it to your grandmother, whatever suits your fancy.

Thanks for tuning in, and expect to see another post soon!


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