Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recovery, but not without help

I feel like it would be a little melodramatic to say, "it's been a long road to recovery," but that expression does cut to the chase of it. Certainly my back injury is not severe or extreme or life-changing or anything like that. But it was a pretty harsh transition. Only just last week did I tempt fate once more and go on a run. Since then, I've gone on three (3!!) 4 mile runs, and been largely pain free. That's not to say I haven't had my fun doing other things in the mean time (another blog post or two to come on these), but I'm ready to be able to run again. I've put in time and work, and I've been very patient, and I think it's going to pay off.

In the last post I prescribed myself cycling, yoga, and lots of core and stability training. I've been true to that prescription, and I've also been seeing the chiropractor every week. I have to take the time and say that, if it wasn't for their generosity, I'd like be in a much darker and slower-moving place right now. Dr. Dale Jacobson and the other family and staff of Jacobson Chiropractic have been hugely helpful in getting me right again, and overwhelmingly generous in treating me pro bono. I hope to do something to make it up to him in the near future, but for now, I'll just throw it out there on the web that he's a hell of a guy, and he knows what he's doing. Dale is flat out cooky, but in an endearing way, and he's really passionate about people's health and well-being. He runs his own, free yoga clinic once a week, out of his own damn house! Beyond just the bones, he takes a very holistic approach with his patients. He has his own book, titled Guide to Healthy Living, and I highly recommend it for anyone concerned about their health- it covers everything from yoga to garden composting to diet and the incredible role our gut plays in personal health, and it weaves in Dale's quirky sense of humor throughout. Beyond all this, Dale has taken the time to help me better understand the causes of pain around my injury, and the things I can do to prevent them. So that is all to say, thanks to Dale and everyone at Jacobson Chiropractic! Go see Dale for all your bone crackin' needs.

A couple posts to come soon to share some recent adventures, and give some more updates. Big plans for the summer!

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