Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Proper White Christmas

Well, there is certainly no snow in Nevada City- it just rained men, cats, and dogs the last few days. The one nice, sunny day in the forecast was Christmas Eve, so Amber and I opted to drive up Rt 20 until we hit ample amounts of white for snow play. Amber used my snowshoes and I busted out the skins and tele setup. The skis didn't see any downhill action, but it sure did feel fantastic to get out an tour around a bit! We went about an hour out and an hour back on the Pioneer Trail east from the Upper Burlington Forest access. So good! We topped it off with an afternoon snack and tea time in the sun. It was good to get out and move around a bit, because Amber is making sugar cookies right now, and we've both consumed more of her cinnamon rolls than we'd care to admit. Happy Holidays!

P.S. If you telemark or are interested in doing so, I highly recommend the Hammerhead bindings by 22designs- they are sooooo sweet- dynamic, natural, easily adjustable, and pretty much bomb proof. Cheers!

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