Wednesday, November 21, 2012


That post title is intended to be read aloud with a Chris Farley voice. I made some progress! Tent is fully framed, though I might add a couple braces to firm it up a bit more. I built a couple shelves into each wall that should be handy later, but unfortunately forgot about the side windows in the process... Oops! They will still function as intended even if the view is a little impaired. Feisty Dyste generously came by that afternoon and helped me get the tent over the frame (he also was kind enough to let me use his truck to haul all the lumber). He took off after we got the bottom tucked under the frame and screwed the frame down to the deck. I couldn't quite get it zipped that night- it felt like a chubby chick trying to fit in her high school jeans- but after letting it sit overnight I was able to get it all buttoned up before I took off for Thanksgiving. If it stays that tight I might have to take a little off the ends of the rafters to bring the walls in just a touch, but no big deal either way. I laid a 10x12 tarp on the deck as a moisture barrier, and laid some sheets of 3/8" plywood down over that for the floor (I may have cut the last sheet a little wavy in the dark...).

Training has been a bust the last few days- between working on the tent and traveling and hanging out with Amber and her family for Thanksgiving, there hasn't been any concerted training happening. But that is pretty fine by me. Carb loading for next week, perhaps? I'm gonna go and get me some turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

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